Gadai ValueMax Indonesia is a private pawn company in DKI Jakarta that provides trusted pawn-based financing services. Its presence becomes a new source of funding for Entrepreneurs, Economic practitioners, and other members of the community to meet the needs of fresh money in financing in any sector. Gadai ValueMax Indonesia is the right solution, safe and reliable, with business license Number: KEP-41/NB.1/2021 start from 11 June 20221 and operates under the supervision of the Indonesia Financial Services Authority. Our company with the motto SIAP (Spirit, Integrity, Accountable and Professional) will serve your requests of the cash loans quickly, easily, safely and satisfactorily.






Gadai ValueMax Vision

To Become a Private Pawn Company that is Ready to Serve the Community

Gadai ValueMax Mission

  1. Provide fund services quickly, easily, cheaply and on target

  2. Develop quality outlets and networks to achieve excellent service

  3. Becoming a pawn company that is advanced, healthy, transparent to support business activities for micro, medium, and upper market segments.

  4. Provide benefits and added value to all stakeholders


johnny wiraatmadja

Johnny Wiraatmadja

With over 40 years of experience working within Indonesia's financial service industry, he had begun his career in 1977 in banking and finance, also holding various top positions including that of the main commissioner. He is also a shareholder in the CCBI Bank (China Construction Bank Indonesia) previously known as the Windu Kentjana Internasional Bank, as well as in regards to several other companies.

General FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Gadai ValueMax Indonesia

Official and Legal

PT Gadai ValueMax Indonesia operates under the supervision of the Indonesia Financial Services Authority so that pawn transactions are secure and reliable.

Easy To Apply

You can submit the inquiry online/offline by simply filling out the form dan photos of the items to be pawned. Gadai ValueMax will be in touch with you immediately to progress the application.

Transparent System

In our system, you can simulate the pawn amount, and easily know your installment payments based on your loan period.

What are the benefits of pawning at Gadai ValueMax Indonesia?

Very easy to process, and faster to get your cash funds.

Loans can be used for any need, whether for business, purchase of goods, debt payments, tuition fees or other needs

Pawned item will be priced proportionally equal to loan amount, and will be stored, treated, kept in safe condition because it is covered by insurance.

Proportional and competitive interest rates, calculated weekly.

Loans can be repaid at any time until maturity.

What kind of Objects and Products can be pawned?

Legal moving items that have a high value

Items that can be pawned are:

  • Gold and Diamond Jewelry : Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, etc
  • Gold Bar
  • Vehicle : Car, Motorcycles, and Premium Bikes
  • Electronic : Handphone, Notebook
  • High-value accesories : Watch, Women's Bag, etc

The pawn products that we offer are :

  • Loan with Pawn system
  • A loan with Fiduciary guarantee
  • Appraisal of value for goods and services, and etc

What are the requirements for applying for a Pawn at ValueMax Indonesia Pawn?
  • Anyone with legal competence can apply for a Pledge,
  • Fill in the loan application form,
  • Submit proof of identity (KTP / Driver License / Passport),
  • Giving up his belongings to be pawned,
  • The valuation (estimate) of goods is carried out as a basis for determining the Loan Value,
  • After the agreement is made, the Customer will receive Proof of Pledge (SBG) and Loan Money
Whether pawn repayment can be done before maturity?

In principle, the pawn settlement can be made at any time until maturity, which is a maximum of 4 months. If the money is insufficient, principal installments of the loan can be made or interest is paid so that new SBG is issued.

What is the Repayment Process at Gadai ValueMax Indonesia

Customers or those who are authorized to contact the branch office (Outlet), by submitting the original Proof of Pledge (SBG), and KTP Identity; After the customer repays the loan. Gadai ValueMax Indonesia Office will provide proof of payment in full and will deliver collateral in its original condition to the concerned Customer.