Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy and Security Policy for Customers

    In accordance with the Circular Letter of the Financial Services Authority No. 14/SEOJK.07/2014 on Confidentiality and Security of Consumer Data and/or Personal Information, the Company understands the importance of customer data security. Therefore, we are committed and have a policy not to misuse or disseminate customer biodata for other purposes that can cause harm. All products and services provided have also been evaluated and are in accordance with applicable rules and regulations, so that customers are assured of their safety.

  2. Personal Information

    ValueMax Pawn is responsible for protecting your Personal Data and is subject to Applicable Laws. We are committed to managing, protecting, and processing your Personal Data by this Policy which will apply to all Personal Data that we obtain from you through the ValueMax Pawn Platform.

    For the purpose of understanding the ValueMax Pawn Personal Data Protection Policy ("Policy"), the words in initial capital letters used in this Policy have the following meanings:
    ➜ "Applicable Law" means all laws and regulations related to the protection and/or management of personal data applicable in Indonesia, but not limited to Law No. 11 of 2018 on Electronic Information and Transactions (and its amendments), Government Regulation (PP) No. 82 of 2012 on the Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions and Minister of Communication and Information Technology Regulation No. 20 of 2016 on Personal Data Protection in Electronic Systems;
    ➜ "Personal Data" means any data concerning (a) an individual who can be identified (i) from such data; or (ii) from other data and information in our possession or to which we have access and includes data in our databases which may be updated from time to time, or (b) defined as "personal data" or "personal information" in Applicable Laws;
    ➜ "Platform" means the ValueMax Social Media and Pawn Sites collectively and any other sites or applications that we may own or manage in the future;
    ➜ "Social Media" means ValueMax Pawn pages and accounts on third-party social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
    ➜ "Site" means the website of ValueMax Pawn which can be accessed through the following address

    In the course of our relationship with you, we may collect Personal Data from you. Examples of Personal Data that we may collect are your name, contact details, mailing and shipping address, email address, date of birth, network and device data, your shopping and browsing behavior, voice recordings (for customer service calls), and other personally identifiable information that you have provided to us in any form or that we obtain through any form of interaction between us and you.

    If you provide Personal Data belonging to a third party by submitting such Personal Data to us, you represent to us that you have obtained the consent of the third party including to provide their Personal Data for the purpose.

    By (1) providing your Personal Data to us when registering an account on the site; or (2) when ordering products or using our services, you have given your consent to the contents of this Policy.

    We may update this Policy to ensure that it is consistent with industry trends and/or any changes in legal and regulatory requirements. You agree to be bound by the applicable terms and conditions in this Policy. We will endeavor to keep you informed either by email or through a notice on the website of any material changes to the Policy.

  3. Personal Data Collection

    Kami mengumpulkan Data Pribadi dari Anda saat:
    ➜ Anda membuat akun pada situs;
    ➜ Anda menggunakan jasa apapun dari kami, misalnya dengan berlangganan surat kabar kami atau notifikasi produk;
    ➜ Anda memilah atau melakukan penjelajahan atas produk-produk dan jasa kami atau melakukan aktivitas dalam situs kami;
    ➜ Anda menerima cookies dalam perangkat Anda;
    ➜ Anda berinteraksi dengan kami tim customer experience atau perwakilan kami lainnya, misalnya melalui webform, email, telepon, surat atau dalam pertemuan tatap muka;
    ➜ Anda berinteraksi dengan kami melalui Media Sosial, misalnya dengan memberi tanda like atau mengomentari isi posting kami atau dengan menyampaikan pesan pribadi kepada kami melalui Media Sosial kami;
    ➜ Anda berpartisipasi dalam promosi, undian, inisiatif atau permintaan Data Pribadi tambahan melalui survey konsumen;
    ➜ Perwakilan yang berwenang untuk mewakili Anda memberikan Data Pribadi milik Anda kepada kami sesuai dengan kewenangan yang sewajarnya, misalnya apabila perwakilan Anda tersebut membeli produk atau jasa kami untuk dikirimkan kepada Anda atau sebagai hadiah;
    ➜ Apabila Anda dengan suka rela menyerahkan Data Pribadi Anda kepada kami untuk alasan apapun;
    ➜ Kami juga dapat mengumpulan Data Pribadi Anda apabila pengumpulan tersebut tidak membutuhkan persetujuan berdasarkan Hukum yang Berlaku;
    ➜ Pastikan agar seluruh Data Pribadi yang Anda sampaikan kepada kami lengkap, akurat dan benar. Kesalahan pada Data Pribadi yang Anda sampaikan dapat mengakibatkan kami tidak dapat memberikan kepada Anda produk dan jasa yang Anda inginkan.

  4. Use of Personal Data

    The information we have collected about you will be recorded electronically and may be used for several purposes but not limited to:
    ➜ To process loan transactions and update your account data that we store.
    ➜ For our general business needs, for example, to verify your identity and your credit reputation.
    ➜ To assess your credit history and confirm your employment details.
    ➜ To make a loan decision.
    ➜ To make statistical analysis and develop also improve our product to estimate loan risk.
    ➜ To identify you when you contact us.
    ➜ To identify our products or the products of our colleagues that interest you.
    ➜ To prevent and detect fraud, it includes a KTP verification process.
    ➜ To contact you regarding your request.
    ➜ To upgrade our application to meet the needs of our clients in the future.
    ➜ To ensure that the content on this site is presented in the most effective way for you and your computer.
    ➜ To settle our obligations arising from a contract entered into between you and us.
    ➜ To allow you to participate in our interactive feature services, if you choose to do so.
    ➜ To evaluate the effectiveness of our application marketing, for periodic checks and for marketing research.
    ➜ To allow banks, financial institutions or authorized third parties to carry out limited checks on your status in our data base or our services.
    ➜ To notify you of service changes.
    ➜ Register or manage a user account or user accounts and to verify your identity;
    ➜ Processing your product and service orders, processing or receiving payments for your orders;
    ➜ Deliver or provide the product or service you purchased, including asking to call or call you for shipping instructions;
    ➜ Process your return or refund request in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
    ➜ Provide you with services and services related to your user account, for example items that you store in carts or shopping carts, wish lists or product notifications;
    ➜ Communicating with you matters relating to (i) questions, requests and feedback from you; (ii) material changes to the Terms and Conditions on the Website or our Policy or other terms and conditions; and (iii) matters relating to the management of your account;
    ➜ Personalize and improve your customer experience when you visit our site, for example by prioritizing the products and services that appear in your search field;
    ➜ Monitor and ensure the enforceability of our Terms of Service, including matters related to dispute resolution;
    ➜ Meet the provisions of (i) our internal risk controls, (ii) our access related to the payment process or bank services such as credit card disputes, fraud, errors in the payment process; or (iii) applicable laws and regulations; and
    ➜ Ensure our Sites are functioning properly and to improve their performance by carrying out certain necessary activities, such as debugging, statistical analysis for the purpose of optimizing our Sites.

    Furthermore, we may use and disclose your Personal Data for the following purposes, namely for:
    ➜ Sending you our marketing communications related to sales, products, services, promotions or Platforms;
    ➜ Sending you our marketing communications relating to sales, products, services, promotions and business partners, including promotional materials we send together with your order;
    ➜ Deliver advertisements related to our products and services that you may be interested in on the Platform or site;
    ➜ Allow other businesses to send you advertisements related to their products and services that you may be interested in;
    ➜ Provide you with our add-on or premium services;
    ➜ Inviting you to attend a private event for our customers;
    ➜ Process your participation in promotions, sweepstakes, initiatives or requests for additional Customer Data through consumer surveys;
    ➜ Promoting our products and services on our Platform;
    ➜ Improving the customer experience in all directions and providing training to our customer experience team, for example by recording and monitoring telephone conversations; and
    Other special purposes related to certain products or services which we will separately convey to you on our product and service pages;

    We may also use your Personal Data (a) for other purposes which are reasonably related to the Purposes and whose consent we have obtained as necessary for the Additional Purposes; or (b) in circumstances where such use does not require consent under Applicable Law.

    Note: If you withdraw the consent you gave us to use and process your Personal Data for the Purposes or Additional Purposes, we may no longer be able to provide you with products, services or benefits related to our promotions.

  5. Change of Personal Data

    Regarding changes to personal data, you must ensure
    ➜ You are obligated to maintain the accuracy of your personal data.
    ➜ You can change the personal data in your account by sending us a request via email to the email address: / or call to Pawn ValueMax customer service number at 021 - 5140 1541
    ➜ We can take necessary actions to ensure the accuracy and up-to-date of your personal data, one of which is by contacting you.

  6. Disclosure and Disclosure of Personal Data

    We will maintain the confidentiality of your personal data. However, you agree that we may disclose your personal data to parties deemed necessary by us in the course of our services, including but not limited to:
    ➜ Our directors, commissioners, employees, consultants and part time workers.
    ➜ Our affiliates.
    ➜ Partners and service providers supporting our services, including but not limited to channeling cooperation partners, payment gateway providers, logistics providers, consultants or providers of business and creditworthiness assessment services, legal consultants, financial consultants and tax consultants and other parties appointed by us to provide supporting services in our business activities.
    ➜ Authorized parties in accordance with statutory provisions.

    We also need to explain that, like banks and other financial institutions, we are required by applicable law to disclose data to authorized third parties such as the government, only upon a valid court order for credit checking and verification. As much as possible we will minimize the disclosure of your Personal Data only for the information necessary for the implementation of the related Purposes or Additional Purposes.

  7. Use of Videos and Images

    You can request Pawn ValueMax to delete or destroy your Personal Data such as Photo Identification (KTP, SIM). We will delete or destroy any Personal Data we have collected about you, provided there are no Transactions in progress and only to the extent permitted by law. When we delete electronic information we have collected from or about you, that information will be removed from our active database but may remain in our archives.

  8. Financial Information

    We attach great importance to the security of all financial information related to our users. We have security measures in place to try to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the personal information under our control. For example, our security and privacy policies are reviewed and updated regularly when necessary and only authorized personnel have access to personal information. While we cannot ensure or guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of information will never occur, we use all reasonable efforts to prevent it.

    You should remember that sending financial information over the internet is never completely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of information that you transmit through the Application while it is in transit over the internet and any such transmission is at your own risk.

  9. Location Data

    In order to get the most out of our services and enable us to provide you with customized offers, we may need to process your approximate location from time to time. The types of location data to be processed are latitude, longitude, cell tower ID, etc. Your location data will only be processed as long as necessary in order for us to be able to respond to your requests for customized offers. After this the data will be deleted. Location data may be transferred to us for the purpose of providing you with the best offer at that time to suit your preferences.

    You can choose not to allow us to process your approximate location while you are connected to the application, or at any time thereafter either by changing the settings on your mobile device or by contacting us using the contact details at the end of this privacy policy. Please note that if you choose not to allow us to process your location data, we will not have enough data to provide you with the full benefit of our services (eg a customized list of offers to approximate your location).

  10. Shipping Policy

    ➜ For product delivery, ValueMax cooperates with JNE REG and JNE YES.
    ➜ Orders completed before 14.00 WIB will be sent on the same day (working day). Meanwhile, if an order is made after 14.00 WIB it will be sent the next day (working day).
    ➜ For regular delivery times, it generally takes 3 days. Meanwhile, for fast delivery, it generally takes 1-2 days.

  11. BuyBack Policy

    We currently do not provide buyback services for ValueMax storefront products.

  12. Withdrawal of Consent

    If you wish to withdraw your consent that you have given us to send you sales, marketing or promotional information, please withdraw your consent to receive promotions via email. You can click the link unsubscribe or unsubscribe< /b>.

  13. Contact Us

    If you have questions about your Personal Data or about this Policy, or if you have a complaint about the collection, use or management of your Personal Data by us or if you have questions about our compliance with Applicable Laws, you can contact our Data Protection Officer via the method following:
    Telephone Number: 021 - 5140 1541
    WhatsApp: 0812 2222 7907
    Office Address: Plaza Asia 8th Floor, Jl. Gen. Sudirman Kav. 59 South Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

  14. Applicable Law

    This policy and the use of the Site are governed by the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia.

  15. Privacy Policy Changes

    As part of our efforts to be able to manage, protect and process your Personal Data, we will periodically review our policies, procedures and processes. We may update this Policy to ensure that it is consistent with industry trends and/or any changes in legal and regulatory requirements. We reserve the right to change the contents of this Policy at our sole discretion.

    You agree to comply with the provisions of this Policy and its updates from time to time. We will post any policy changes on our site which can be seen in the Pawn ValueMax Privacy Policy. By continuing to use our Platform and/or services after the Policy has been changed, you agree to the terms of the Policy that have been changed.

    You agree to comply with the provisions of this Policy and its updates from time to time. We will post any policy changes on our site which can be seen in the Pawn ValueMax Privacy Policy. By continuing to use our Platform and/or services after the Policy has been changed, you agree to the terms of the Policy that have been changed.

    This privacy policy can be added, deleted or changed without prior notification. We are not responsible for losses of any kind arising from changes to this Privacy Policy. If there are things that you want to ask that are not contained in this Privacy Policy, you can contact us via email

    We encourage you to visit our Site periodically to make sure you are aware of our most recent Policy relating to the protection of Personal Data.

  16. General Terms

    By accessing or using the Pawn ValueMax application, it means that you understand and agree and are bound and subject to all Privacy Policies that apply to this application.